Critical Thinking

    • EngageNY Math Lessons - CCSS aligned curriculum

    • NGSS science instruction

    • Blended learning through technology-based instruction


    • Student ambassadors - Peacemakers

    • Student Spirit Leaders

    • Coding and robotics

Collaboration and Community Partners

    • Data-driven instruction

    • Weekly County Library school program

    • Garden and Nutrition lessons, sponsored by Calaveras County Health and Human Services

    • Enrichment programs taught by teachers and community experts

    • Collaboration with local radio station KQBM


    • Classroom music instruction

    • Art instruction

    • Poetry

We Believe:

EVERYONE can learn.

With EFFORT and PRACTICE, all things are possible.

We LEARN and GROW from our mistakes.

CHALLENGES are exciting and present us with learning opportunities.

KINDNESS and RESPECT help create a great school!